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Should you bamboo? May 4, 2008

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Recently, I have heard a number of people question whether bamboo clothing is truly environmentally-friendly.  This National Geographic Green Guide discussion does a great job of addressing this question from both perspectives.

In theory, bamboo is an environmentally-friendly fabric: it grows quickly without a lot of pesticides and water, and can regenerate itself.  In practice, however, the processes for turning bamboo into clothing – particularly in large volumes – is less conducive to the environment.  The article’s bottom line is that bamboo is still a better alternative to non-organic cotton and unnatural fibers.


The bamboo alternative January 9, 2008

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An alternative to cotton in eco-fashion is bamboo.  I like Sworn Virgin’s relatively affordable dresses and tunics (although their online selection is somewhat limited – Lucia Boutique seems to have the most options).

I saw a really cute burgundy dress by Sworn Virgin, “Elizabeth,” in the September issue of Women’s Health, but haven’t been able to track it down… .