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Toward a mindful closet June 6, 2009

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My husband and I will be moving across the country in a few weeks, and I’m getting ready to start packing.  As I surveyed my clothes and closets, I’ve noticed that there are many items that I haven’t worn in many months.  I also have some items that I’ve worn only a few times, and which are torn practically to threads.  I don’t want to move things that I don’t need with me for two reasons: (1) I don’t like having “stuff” that I don’t use; (2) the movers charge by the pound (and more pounds = higher carbon footprint).  I will be selling and donating the clothes that I haven’t been wearing, and (unfortunately) discarding those that are seriously worn out.

Thinking about the life of my clothing, I’ve realized that the move is an ideal time to pare down my wardrobe and begin to build a new wardrobe of high-quality, eco-friendly clothes.  Owning fewer, higher quality items is a concept that is familiar in Europe, where closets are much smaller and women build their wardrobes over a lifetime.  My Mother kept many of the pieces that she wore as a teenager and, because her style is relatively classic, many of the pieces came back into fashion.  I would have loved to wear some of these pieces if her move from Europe had not necessitated that she leave many of them behind.  She now regularly points out how many of my clothes are similar to those she had loved, including my simple ivory lace wedding gown (which I’m planning to recycle by either passing it on to any future daughters, shortening it into a cocktail dress, or selling it).

Back to my paring, I am planning to build my closet according to the following credo after my move:

1. I will purchase only high quality, keeping in mind that quality clothes will stay out of the dump for longer.

2. I will focus on finding classic items, which are easier to mix and match, so that I will need fewer things.

3. I will savor the process of acquiring a wardrobe that will last me for decades to come.

4. I will explore eco-friendly alternatives whenever possible (which includes vintage finds).


Going beyond marketing hype in green fashion January 17, 2009

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Fast Company has an interesting article about green fashion, raising concerns about green clothing being more about pushing product than saving the environment.

I think that the most important take-aways from the articles are:

1. As consumers, we should consider and, if possible, inquire about where the products originated and how they were produced.

2. We should consider the life cycle of the clothing we purchase and what will happen after we discard the clothes.  Since cheap clothing might have to be replaced more often than more expensive, high-quality clothing, it might be more environmentally-friendly to purchase high-quality, classic pieces whose lifetime may be equal to yours – or that of your children.


Solar purse galore! August 26, 2008

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In the last two days, I’ve come across two different purses that capture solar power to charge electronics.  Would you shell out $400+ for one of these?

I like Noon Solar’s Oakley bag for its roominess.  I can imagine pairing it with a summer dress to take it to the beach or out to run errands.  Perhaps to use my laptop at an outdoor cafe?

The other bag, still in its prototype stage, was invented by a Ph.D. student.

If nothing else, these bags are an excuse to get outdoors.


Fall styles August 23, 2008

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Although it’s hard to think about warm sweaters as the thermometer climbs ever higher, I was recently introduced to a line that made me think of the cooler days to come.  Hess Natur is a Germany company that has been committed to green fashion and humane sourcing of materials since the 1970’s.  Recently, they launched their line in the U.S.

I like the gray cashmere sweater, which looks oh-so-cozy and the edgier moss-green wrap around top, which I’d wear with wide-leg black pants.

I really like that they have detailed but simple care instructions.


August 8, 2008

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I’ve written about BTC Elements before and, while browsing their site recently, I came across this Emily Katz swing coat.  I’d wear the jacket with my orange shift dress for a flashback of some Jackie O glamour.

The jacket is on sale for $91 and is made of 100% Organic Cotton Fleece.


Politics and green fashion May 22, 2008

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A reader sent me a link to John McCain’s online store, which launched eco-friendly T-shirts and paraphernalia this week.


Introducing the Green Star May 11, 2008

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I remember receiving gold star stickers for doing great work in elementary school. As more and more celebrities launch eco-friendly lines, I thought it would be appropriate to give them “green stars” to acknowledge their contributions to eco-fashion.

The first of these Green Stars goes to Natalie Portman, for her vegan shoe line at Te Casan.  The line is elegant, but has some playful touches and colors.  My favorite is definitely the purple playful “Plath” heel.  I also like that the line has quite a few “classic” shoes, including a faux-snakeskin pump, “Polly.”

One caveat: the high prices (~$350), but proceeds from the sale of these shoes go to support environmental and animal charities.