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Green Star: Josie Maran Cosmetics May 24, 2010

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I’ve been hearing about Josie Maran’s cosmetic line, which predominantly uses 100% organic argan oil, for many years.  I’ve been reading about the moisturizer’s high vitamin E and essential fatty acid content.  With products ranging in price from $12 to $60, the line is actually reasonably affordable.  And the product selection is great – from make-up to creams to hair products.


Going beyond marketing hype in green fashion January 17, 2009

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Fast Company has an interesting article about green fashion, raising concerns about green clothing being more about pushing product than saving the environment.

I think that the most important take-aways from the articles are:

1. As consumers, we should consider and, if possible, inquire about where the products originated and how they were produced.

2. We should consider the life cycle of the clothing we purchase and what will happen after we discard the clothes.  Since cheap clothing might have to be replaced more often than more expensive, high-quality clothing, it might be more environmentally-friendly to purchase high-quality, classic pieces whose lifetime may be equal to yours – or that of your children.


Bargain LBD May 2, 2008

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My (chick-lit) book club has a “little black dress (LBD)” party coming up this week.  While I have my old standbys, one of the girls went looking for something new to wear.  Well, not quite new.  She picked up a really cute LBD at a consignment store for $30.  Re-cycling old clothes through consignment stores, thrift shops, or clothing swaps is an environmentally-friendly (and often cash-friendly) way to refresh your closet – you are saving the resources that would be expended on manufacturing a new dress (or jacket or pants or T-shirt…).


Right on Target

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There was more news about Rogan Gregory’s eco-friendly designs for Target in today’s Wall Street Journal (which actually has quite a few news items about fashion each week).  The clothes will be made from 100% organic certified cotton, which usually have a premium between 5-15% over non-organic cotton.  Great news: Rogan Gregory’s pieces for Target will be priced between $15 and $45.

Debut: May 9 -May 11 – Barneys New York

Then: May 16-May 18 – Barneys Los Angeles

After that: Target stores near you!


Green clothes with a green lifecycle April 27, 2008

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Nau is a “cradle-to-grave” green company, with environmentally-friendly products manufactured in environmentally-friendly ways.  And the prices fit, too!


Victoria’s Secret Goes Eco-Friendly April 18, 2008

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After Banana Republic’s announcement of their eco-friendly line a few months ago, it seems that Victoria’s Secret is set to follow in the mainstreaming of green fashion.  Yay!

As I take my fitness routine outside, I could totally imagine wearing the yoga pant and top in organic cotton.  And I like the idea of snuggling off to sleep in the organic cotton pajama. And the prices are definitely right for basics like workout gear and pajamas.

For now, the collection has only 16 pieces (including organic bags), but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. I hope that we’ll see organic cotton sun dresses in time for trips to the beach!


Buy a lip gloss, plant a tree April 4, 2008

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For every item sold from its new Green Room collection, Smashbox will plant a Moringa tree in a developing country by Trees for the Future (the trees are a source of nutrition for locals).  In addition,  the collection is made with environmentally-friendly ingredients and the packaging is biodegradable or recyclable.  For now, the collection consists of lip glosses and bronzers.  I’d definitely pick up the lip gloss in Pink Lilly.

I think that the line would also make a great gift, since I’ve planted trees as gifts for friends’ birthdays and weddings and the lip gloss would be a neat bonus to planting a tree for a good cause.